Natural Wealth is a Gift From a Natural Treasured Earth

Ever hear of Nepheline Syenite? If science and nature were to have a baby, it would surely be the natural fly ash zeolites formed as a deep-seated volcanic intrusive was just about to be exploded as an extrusive. This special rock, with its porous structure that traps water inside, also traps atoms and molecules that can cause chemical reactions. That's why zeolites, which have not been manufactered our of coal dust without Rare Earths qualities, are important as catalysts, or substances that speed up chemical reactions without harming themselves. Nepheline Syenite zeolites work their magic in a Swiss Army Knife handy ways — besides showing up just in-time to replace greenhouse gas producing Portland Cement®— for affordable housing, energy saving industries, drugs, and and a slew of as it should be natural uses for nature to control Global Warming.

This old Nepheline Syenite "new style" investment is a flow-through for a very progressive, high tech aware, State of Washingtion LCA, or Limited Cooperative Association —as (see below) which has already been featured in Eco-GoGreen-Magazine for attementing to replace an out-of-date, business as 1900's usual monopolistic control of Portland®
(not Oregon) Cement, which according to CBS News "Cement accounts for 7% of human-caused carbon diozide emissions —more than any country except China and the U.S."!

The system is a "fair-trade" Ecological Patriot way around the Wall Street multinational domination of geopolymer zerocarbon-cement which was accidently exposed as one of the reasons Russia invaded Ukrane. and took a port named after a nearby deposit of "Mariupolite" Nepheline Syenite, which had been in competition with an oligarachial geopolymer 3D printing of affordable housing.

> >Oregon's Table Mountain BLM Claims are are controlled by Prospector Barry Murray< <

And individual buy-in opportunities to physically own a piece of the rock which have a flow-through retail market values, as explained in the following building materials catalog.

And architectual / developer/ engineer minded Sharon Ehlmann, with a minority owned and operated LLC, was the first to connect Table Mountain was the first to connect the historical signifiance of Marie Jacksons, Department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Utah, al-tobermorite binder White Paper, "Extreme durability in ancient Roman concretes" designating a calcium-aluminum-silicate-hydrate as the (C-A-S-H) formula.

Dealing with cash is a bit on the funny side as Ehlmann also runs a Trade on Barter website, which may seen be backed by Nepheline Syenite reserves acting as an insurance company on FoamKrete™ homes.

Any financial female wonder woman is invited to call the number on the web link button to discuss the possabilities of raising through a concrete cealing.

  <Sharon Ehlmann's Stand Alone LLC>

>A Start-up Dealer's LLC Flowing through >

< To a Employee Owned Distributorships >

>Which Then Flows On A Individual>

Owner's contract to mine & mill a uniform grade Nepheline Syenite, with specific additives, on a all costs plus 10% profit to the LCA, which you may also join as an 'member investor', or 'patron investor' by paying for, or supplying eco mining equipment. Once a raw ton of nepheline is delivered the royalty owner's (Murray Family Trust, 2.5%, and the initial purchaser of a ton, paid by certificate serial number 2.5 %) of the wholesale value upon leaving the contract paid in full mill shall contine on it's journey to their marketing choice found on the fully explained Bill of Sale / Down Payment Service Contract, only found on Barry Murray's Personally Guaranteed

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