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An alternative investment news magazine from a way-way off Wall Street information source stating that that we are not a competitive threat to any SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firms offering Customized Portfolio Management. Why? Because are not in the business of selling securities. As our advice is only information, we answer instead to the literacy standards of the court of public opinion.
Our First Amendment protected editorial understanding that the answer to the current credit crises today is seed funding and development growth in the development of natural resource rich American enterprises, hoping to sell a actual product to make a fair profit. A free enterprise concept not yet controlled yet by some "free-trade" international investment bankers, meg-stockbrokers, or franchised firms of supposedly individually certified financial planners.

How to Diversify your Orwellian Animal Farm Rights

Trust me for a moment if you somehow ended up once again at a yet another "Diversified Investments" web site looking for an understanding of what happened to your retirement portfolio, I hope you have a good sense of homestead exempted dry humor based upon hard to ignore facts of living off the land by harvesting crops you have sowed, or felled a tree for whipsawing into lumber to build a house, and risked stormy waters to follow the Biblical fisherman's struggle to feed the masses protein that hasn't been unnaturally futures market priced right off the working mans breakfast table.

As pork bellies having been quick cured for futures market consumption by one, or more of those Wall Street animals who always seem to be fighting for a bigger slice of all American apple pie, made with pesticide protected ingredients free-trade imported from Chile.

Bulls---- we understand. And love watching a bellowing yehaw ride'em rodeo.

And once you have watched your "family" Bears sharing by cleaning up storm fallen bruised apples, visible outside the window above the old-fashioned kitchen dishwashing sink, well you know a Gentle Ben can also fits into the harmony of a balanced country lifestyle.

It is the unnaturally fat financial feral Hog that is a problem, when it comes to counting your chickens before they hatch.

This piggish lard ass may be "laughing stock" to some in rural counties when the the Presidential Parade comes to town for "heartland" support in primaries, but watching them dogmatically herd sheep into a corral to be flocked, taint funny. Especially when a belling ringing "Judas Goat" advertises the way by example.

What is better telling after all the singing and shouting over lawsuits is over, is to listen in a quite darkness for the distinctive squeaky wheel sounds to understand what fork of the road the bandwagon follows when leaving a town close to bankruptcy for the lack of top-down governmental leadership.

The classic white signpost has names pointing the way to Diversity... 401K Miles, or Congress of Fools Washington Beltway, and the Mistakes Free Learning Library... following the previous milestones of 1) Recession, 2) Deflation, 3) Hyper Inflation, 4) Depression and 5) War, the ultimate jobs for all recovery tool forcing lazy idle manpower back to work.

My favorite path to self sufficiency is picking the signpost destination, Do It Yourself . A Detour around Stock Brokersville, with hard to decipher street names as HFT, ETF, OTC, IPO, and OMG!

This is where I tacked on a free flyer, for a free seminar on the other free wealth of the Earth. Diversified mining. All this free advice costs is a $5.00 per PayPal computer download shipping and handling fee!

No, I am not talking elixir mink oil, as everyone knows American wildcatters have been out of a derivatives market, by monopolized, and otherwise free and favored multi-nation cartels protecting the free flow of supply and demand, from the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 law of the land.

So, as an true Son of the Golden West hard rock American (not Canadian Interests 43-101 certified) Prospector let me wrangle in a horse pack string to off-load a double-diamond hitch protected investing information package of possibilities for you to examine yourself.

Not all that different than banksters (to use silver guru Ted Butler's term as published in Ed Steers readers digest style financial newsletter) illegally parking a turnip truck on Wall Street to sell supposedly solid silver shorts off of one side, and buy back silver longs, on the other.

Yet another hard to explain a "market making" pump and dump "yo-yo ploy" to trick 401K people into "managing their own portfolio" by setting their own stop loss sell, and buy back right now numbers, that lately have been passed buy, both ways, so fast that Main Street people are severely penalized for a early withdrawals, and loss covering change of mind mistakes executed too many HFT back-back nanoseconds late.

I really suggest doing your own financial wool stocking advice homework even if working with reputable money managers. You probably have already learned more through a gut feeling than what a silk stocking boiler room salesman understands about country boy resource sector futures. Except, for that part where there really was a necessity of deregulating national banks, to do away with local safe and sane Saving and Loan mortgages, that honored states homestead exemption protection in foreclosure and credit card bankruptcy situations.

Perhaps taking care of your own financial future, also by not being the much needed hick looser in the shell game of trading a well hidden single pea, will lead to an understanding this day and time that the best way to retirement recovery is to economically diversify by trading what paper dollars you have left in a picked pocket, for something rock solid you can hold in your hand.

These projects are presented as First Amendment protected editorial matter, backed by the rule of the Mining Law of 1872. We at MiningMagazines.com are not stockbrokers, nor, with the exception of the Nepheline Syenite property, do we have any hidden claim of ownership in what is featured this month.

[An immediate update to the preceding.

Seems my menagerie analogy missed legal blackmailers, with hurt feelings for being left out of the fun. To make up for that, how about with an out of Oliver Twist-ed declaration that, "the law is an Ass"?

For as soon as the above comments were published, I was viciously attacked over the phone by a "murder of lawyers" threatening candidate style lawsuits. Probably from the same clients who allegedly hired the same black hat anonymous cyber pranksters to monetarily gain by censoring MiningMagazines.com publications.  I directed the phone caller, if for real, to contact our counter suing for harassment legal department, by going to directly to Helen Wait.

And 24-hour later realizing I truly had stuck a stick into a den of black hat web critic Rattlesnakes, not liking the with a do-it-yourself finance solution, so the second PayPal button came off. I don't loose anything in the threatened showdown, as that $5 download fee would not go very far getting away from those cold blooded pit vipers who have such a small brain they only react to vibrations and a sent of fear.]

Barry Murray of TheProspector.com, at BarryMurray@TheProspector.com, also reachable through 503-753-5868.

Gold Mining

If you have heard the rule that "the family who owns the gold, rules" then you might want to talk to Dan and Cindy, and kids, about joint venture buying-in, or buying them out, for $1 million obo, their diversified wilderness Alaska gold camp that "makes gold" the easy way in these global warming days, as permafrost melts.

We have no position in this proposition, other than having been a neighbor we have an insiders insight that the claims would more than return a good retirement package to pass along to those looking for a place to get away from city life.

I had a $5 pay pal button on this to show it wasn't a paid financial ad, but an editorially accepted information article, worth a little something from the reader.

Oh well, go ahead, it is a good project. Click on the cover for free. I don't want to start any arguments with power control "personality" people with floors full of lawyers.

Now, for a real stretch in diversification, how about buying a physical $10 per ton of a newly discovered use of an Oregon Coast rainforest rock?

Advertised as a retail product, when added to concrete after it come down the delivery chute admixture, which expands five times for pumping to build affordable housing that cannot be blown away by a huff and a puff, earthquake, hurricane, flood, or tidal wave.

Because the FoamKrete™ is 80 percent bubbles it also help solve climate change problems by being a Class One forest fire 'proof' and has an insulating "R" rating most people won't believe.

The "business model report " here shows an easy way to buy-in  to become an exclusive area dealer, without a franchise.

And "oops", this information download is now also free! Along with a recipe hint that rattlesnake really does taste like chicken.

Good as Gold
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