Forward looking investing requires knowledge about the commodities that are the wealth of the Earth.

iversified Investing is not defined alone as choosing a back East investment company to manage your assets, such as cash, bonds, stocks, retirement accounts. Diversified investment securities companies advertise their Wall Street experience dealing with mutual funds to spread the risk of day-to-day volatility of stocks and commodities for retirement portfolios. Especially for those of us that live in natural resource-rich states far away from that unfair, untaxed, HFT Jersey shore flash wire.

Investing in a Diversified Derivative contract compounds the almost out-of-control risk with credit default swaps betting on platform traded hedge funds, or lately IPO’s for “funny money” systems that seem to think that words alone have an agreed-upon underlying financial asset value of some futures and forward contracts, options, mergers, swaps, warrants.

True asset value for long-term investment holding can only be measured these days in fiat money return of profiting from the sale of a physical product manufactured or distributed by sharing the wealth of the Earth. Things grown, harvested, and mined at a profit/loss. Commodities impossible to put a price tag on today when the possibility of inflation/deflation global financial warming is hit with a meddling governmental freeze. Just as happened during the First Great Depression with the price fixing and confiscation of gold that created the value-added mess today of currency and trade dollar wars.

As an individual looking at what the future value in supplying a demand for of man’s basic needs, as shelter, would return as the acceptable tender of payment in bankable international “trade dollars” is of concern right now considering that Canada may be experiencing a Housing Bubble 2 need for a readjustment in even short-term mortgage repayments, the real question is what the retail payback payment would be in what? in an indexed valued return. Far better that you invest directly in a diversified investment marketplace

This is why this why we are featuring information this month a $10 per in-place nepheline syenite ton buy-in Purchase Price investment, right now as a safe place to store cash, in an affordable wildfire and tidal surge and flash flood proof small housing replacement material called FoamKrete™.

Considering that the nanotechnology breakthrough of a cement after mixture selling for $250 per ton in China can reduce the cost of 3D printed concrete houses by 60%, equal to or less than conventional stick built homes, and the only other US source other than 3M, is a 500 million ton deposit in Oregon.

Also consider that the “underlying nepheline syenite asset” is priced at $10 per ton, which is sort of a “low-ball” price for large open-pit disseminated gold deposits, or small private gravel quarries. Which makes the featured lock protected virus-free screen readable and down-loadable PDF's. Something worth reading to background material on a “rock solid” proposal math that the or ECOHousing of would be backed, at the ten dollar figure, by a Five Billion Dollar Reserve.

Is gold a good diversified investment? Yes.
Silver is an diversified investment that has been sabatoged.

Click the PDF cover to read protected information you won't find through your neighborhood no-load financial advisor >>>

* FoamKrete™ is a non-toxic natural (unpatentable) mix of naturally soluble Nano Alumina powder (Al2O3) with a very pure Nano Silica sand aggregate (Sio2) locked into Oregon's Table Mountain in a very rare earth, and uniform sill deposit of Nepheline Syenite being offered at $10 per in-place ton

* FoamKrete's natural chemistry is almost the exact same as nepheline syenite selling for $250 per ton when ground down to face powder -325 fineness in China, where the 3D printing of houses with a pump-able CLC for $5,000 was pioneered. Russia just released information that they have been using the world's largest nepheline syenite deposit to also print houses for $10,000 which will work well with Tesla's new solar tile roof.

* FoamKrete™ has recently been proven as an affordable after mixture to ordinary cement that expands output from a mixer, which may be simply pumped on a building site into "yeast bread pan forms" for curing, and tilting up as small house walls that also happen to be Class One Wildfire protected, with a 'R' value of twice that of the popular cotton candy "pink" stuff found in big box hardware stores.

* FoamKrete™ is not being offered as a nepheline syenite franchise as a unique supply is limited in
the US to location, location, location.


FoamKrete™ is but just one added value use of natural, non-toxic rare earths related nepheline syenite, which has been called the Swiss Army Knife of minerals.

There is an opportunity to really help starting up an ECO-Minerals-Stockpile and ECO-Mining-Milling to contract mine FoamKrete and other undiscovered mining resources.

Given that the cyclic trends of "for real" precious metals are so out of sync with the deflating "market values" of our strong (?) stock markets boosted by the confidence of a strong (?) USD.

Publishing such First Amendment opinions as an Economic Awareness Warning brought about a hack attack three years ago. This PDF white paper was the first in a 'real news' recovery attempt to win back a readership that was so maliciously misdirected.

As our advertising revenue stream has also declined due to assorted, and anonymous, industry competition dirty tricks, the direction this publishing company is going is to combine "real news notebook chapters" into a "for real" book distribution of

This PDF documents the geology and chemistry of, while pointing out other start-up opportunities as, which FoamKrete™ has chosen as a turnkey contractor to deliver on costs plus (including equipment amortization) ten percent basis.

Nanotech  breakthrough new use discoveries of ordinary jetty rock for affordable housing use promises solid retirement options.

The bottom line of this website is to deliver background information worth reading concerning a “rock solid” business proposals that do not have to be delivered by NASDAQ professionals, as Bernie Maddox who put the phrase "Ponzi Scheme" into current usage, even though some on-line dictionaries have not yet picked that up.

We had a win this month by our helping ship their first $2,000 order. Wow! This was a start-up that somehow survived back room "greedy old fat men smoking cigars" to even turn down an appearance on one of those reality TV "shark" shows that demanded a 2% ownership for simply appearing their show. Which gives us an idea for supporting other valid ventures that offers the future delivery of a product bill of sale, instead of a piece of paper promising a .

Hmm. That said, give us a heads-up of what you may consider the next great diversified investment opportunity as long as it isn't a Wall Street approved financial venture selling stock that only benefits the flow through one percent.

With wireless communication systems it is possible for natural resources investors today to know what is happening in the field.
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